A Color Teaching Activity

Hi, friends! Happy Father's Day to all the amazing Dads out there!
I wanted to share a quick activity that is really helping Bear with color recognition. He's just starting to learn colors at 18 months (everything is "boo"), so I knew this would be a great time to get started with some lessons like this. My friend Whitney (@whitneyorick) posted this activity on Instagram, so she deserves the credit!

You need:
-buckets/baskets in various colors (primary colors would be ideal)
-paper/pen/washi tape for labeling
-colored sticks

We found everything at Dollar Tree, so the entire "game" cost us $5.

The task is to drop each colored stick in the matching basket. So far, Bear doesn't get this right every time (or even half the time), but we're working on it and he's having fun in the process! We don't do it everyday, so he won't get bored with it. 2-3 times a week for about 20 minutes seems to work best.
That's it! So simple but really fun & educational for toddlers.

Do you have any similar games to help with learning? I'd love to hear them!
Hope you had a fantastic weekend!