It's a bittersweet moment when you realize your baby toddler can now do so many things independently.
Over the past week, this realization has hit harder than ever as our little Bear has ventured to do lots of new things all by himself.

A few examples...
 Playing solo in the water fountains at Market Street. No Mama or Daddy necessary!

Learning things. Of course he still needs guidance and help, but he wants to do activities alllll by himself.

Sliding. This is a new one, as we've always helped Bear down slides and been right there to catch him at the bottom. Now he can climb up to the top, position himself, and slide down all by himself without a "catcher". Big boy!

Exploring. He wants to pick up and inspect everything, including bugs (to Mommy's dismay). No shorts? Even better.
Zach and I love this stage so much. It's full of adventure, and Bear is such a little sponge. It's challenging as a parent, too, because I find myself still wanting to help Bear with every little thing. It's difficult to let go and realize that independence comes with age, and we have a growing boy. We're also enjoying hearing all the new words in Bear's vocabulary. Newest one? TA DA!!

Hope you have a great weekend!