Lately, it seems there's been a lot of celebrating going on around here. We'll take any excuse for cake, donuts, or cheesecake! :)
Bear turned 20 months old last week (it can't be!), I finished up birthweek events, we took advantage of National Ice Cream Day on Sunday, and lots in between.
Happy 20 months, Bear Clayton!
Donuts are Bear's favorite treat (thanks to my parents!), so naturally a donut "cake" was in order.
One last birthweek celebration at Cheesecake Factory with the girls on Saturday night.
I'm planning four big parties in the next four months, and it's taken over our guestroom. Two bachelorettes/lingerie showers, a baby shower, and Bear's 2nd birthday!
We I celebrated scoring these cobalt suede pumps for 97 cents (yes, you read that correctly) at Old Navy on Tuesday. Cheapest shoes ever!

National Ice Cream Day was enjoyed at Freddy's, of course.

And the biggest celebration of all...Daddy coming home! Just a typical, but exciting, every-weekday event.

Hope you're doing lots of celebrating this week, too!