Never Want to Forget...

With Bear quickly approaching the big (terrible) two, I'm more emotional than ever about our growing boy.
Each little habit, quirk, and funny thing he does totally melts Zach and I and we wish time would come to a screeching halt. This age (we've said this about every age thus far) really is so much fun.
I never want to forget...

-The belly laughs. And the sweet snorts that come along with it.
-The squeals. I have a feeling he won't be squealing for joy thirty times a day when he's fifteen, so I'll enjoy it while it lasts.
-The "hiding from you even though you can see me" game. Exhibit A:

-The love for Mickey Mouse. It's so innocent and sweet, and has me planning a Disneyland trip already (not for several years, if you're reading this, Zach).
-The obsession with sidewalk chalk. And writing all over everything in general.
-The bath-time standing, splashing, and bubble blowing. He certainly won't do that when he's fifteen. I hope.
-The love for Mommy and Daddy. I hope this never fades, because it's pretty much the best thing in the world.

-The running-everywhere-excitement. Walking just doesn't get there fast enough!
-The swinging addiction. Bear could swing all day, every day. It's kind of his thing. He points at it and says "Ing!" and there we'll be for the next forty-five minutes.

-The thighs. Not quite as juicy as they used to be but still squeezable.

I want to remember so much more, but it'd take all day to write a post on everything I love about our Little Man. Here's to soaking up the next four months of "one" before I officially have to refer to Bear as a toddler. Is this difficult for anyone else? Or am I just a big baby myself?

Sounds like nap-time just ended and I'm off to the swingset. Happy Thursday, friends!