Reading & Writing (No Arithmetic)

There's something about summertime that makes me a reading fanatic. It's likely because my brothers and I read so much in the summer growing up; it was the one time of year we could actually read what we wanted (instead of what our teacher picked for us). We went on long vacations in which DVD players didn't exist yet and the only way to preoccupy ourselves was either to sleep or read. I finished the entire Nancy Drew series in two summers, and pretty sure those were the best summers of my life. Oh Nancy, I do love you and your mysteries.
My reading preferences have changed slightly since then, but I do still love a good mystery. And romance. And just about all historical fiction. Which brings me to a good question: What are you currently reading?
And what are some of your favorite books/series? I've read about twenty books in the past two months and would love some new suggestions. Bear sleeps around twelve hours a night now which allows Mommy more time for herself! Bubble baths, reading juicy novels, and silence. Ahhhhh, the little things in life.

Confession: I'm also writing my first novel. I'm only six chapters in and am currently having a little writer's block (moreover, a lack of time to think let alone write), but hopefully I'll see it through to the end. And I'll let you all know when I do! :)

Hope you are having a wonderful week! It's hot in Houston. Like, really hot. Lots of playing inside and mall trips for us lately. Stay cool, friends!