Hi, friends!

Things have been busy lately, per usual, which just means we're having lots of fun! :)
Bear and I are headed "home" to west Texas tomorrow to celebrate my lifelong friend, Britnee, getting married. Showers, bachelorette, and lots of good times to be had! Bear will be spoiled rotten by his grandparents, which he loves.
Last weekend, Zach thought it'd be cute to color all over Bear in markers.

These thighs. I can't even handle them.

Bear and his BFF, Peyton, enjoyed a Freddy's date last Thursday.
They also had a Cheesecake Factory date. Heaven.

Bear destroyed his room on Friday. And Saturday. And Sunday.

But these sweet moments make up for the destruction.

We went to the Tomball Farmer's Market on Saturday and went home with only cupcakes. Not exactly fresh produce...

Sunday was a pool day. Daddy even joined us!

And Sunday night was spent at Chuck E. Cheese, Daddy's favorite place. He loves it even more than Bear.

Bear won't wear the sunglasses he has a home, but he was obsessed with these Dollar Tree shades.

Our sunsets are still gorgeous. One of my favorite things about Houston summers, but I'm still anxious for fall! Bring on the pumpkins and scarves.

Hope you're having a great week! We'll be back soon!