Tea Parties Are Not For Bears

Last Wednesday, Bear and I headed to the Crossroads Tea Room in Old Town Spring to celebrate our sweet friend Amy's birthday. Let's just say that it wasn't Bear's cup of tea. Two hours of wrestling him on my lap while he dipped his paws in my teacup and begged for Airheads from the diaper bag and I was ready for a nap myself. The party, however, was absolutely lovely and I'm so thankful Amy invited us. I'm always down for any excuse to wear a big hat and pearls! 

Spot Bear's horse, "Uh Oh", amongst all the fine china?

We also had lunch and did some shopping with our friend Nicole last week. Always a treat to see her pretty face!

Still battling this silly summer cold, but it's getting better thanks to these grocery store grabs. Have you had this B&J flavor? If not, please run to your vehicle right now and drive to the closest grocery store. You won't be sorry! It's that good.

Bath time is the best time! He would stay in there for hours.

This face. I can't even.

Is anyone else getting excited for fall? I've started looking only at all things pumpkin spice on Pinterest already....I think I have a problem.

Happy Thursday!