Weekend Fun

My little brother, Ryan, and his girlfriend, Jordan, came to visit this past weekend and we had so much fun! We took them to Galveston, Top Golf, Cheesecake Factory, and of course Freddy's :).
First things first, let's talk Oreos and how good these things are. We all agreed the Reese's ones are better, but the Cookie Dough are still pretty yummy. Zach maintains that nothing beats good old fashioned Double Stuf, and I have to say that while I allllmost agree, these Reese's Oreos are my new favorite.

riding a dolphin on The Strand

sizing up Truffles, the RMCF bear

Ryan & Jordan in La Kings, our favorite spot on The Strand
How could it not be, with the most amazing Coffee Bean Flake ice cream?

After lots of shopping, we headed for the beach. To say that Bear loved it would be an understatement; he had SO much fun! Running in the water, digging in the sand, trying to catch pigeons, etc. We loved watching him enjoy one of our favorite spots, too.

Ryan bought Bear this Olaf and even though Bear hasn't seen the movie, he's hardly put Olaf down since. In fact, he's napping with Olaf in his arms right now. It's pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

Everyone enjoyed Top Golf, except Bear who was confined to the couch minus this one brief moment of glory.

We've laughed so hard at this picture; Z tried to capture my swing but instead focused mostly on Ryan eating queso...

It's a pretty magical place once the sun goes down.

Yesterday afternoon, we headed to Freddy's for one last meal before Ryan and Jordan hit the road. They'd never been to a Freddy's, so it was a must! Bear brought Olaf, too.

Overall, it was such a great weekend and we were sad to see it fly by.
Ryan and Jordan, thank you for coming to see us! Can't wait to see y'all again!