Family Pictures

A couple weeks ago, we were back home in West Texas and decided to have pictures done with the talented Shelbi Williams Photography. Such a great decision! Shelbi is the absolute sweetest person to work with and we had so much fun trying to wrestle Bear into taking pictures for an hour and a half :). No sarcasm there, it really was fun! We took the pictures at Zach's parents' house (they live on a farm), so his Mom and Dad helped get Bear to smile from behind the camera. Grandparents are life-savers, I'm tellin' ya!
Here are some, okay lots, of our favorites!

Be still my heart.

Zach's parents' dog, Buster, and Bear had a great time together during the shoot. Buster even made it into some of our family photos! :)

Bear's second birthday is two months away, so we went ahead and took some pictures for his invitation. The theme is "Bear's Country Fair", so the family barn worked nicely as a backdrop!
Thank you so much, Shelbi, for capturing these moments with our little family! We'll treasure them forever.
On another note, today has been one of those days. I decided on a whim to attempt some mild-potty training, which resulted in poop all over the house and a distraught Bear (and Momma). He's now in the bathtub with Daddy...and I'm thinking a bubble bath and a good novel are in store for Mommy later, too. You know those days when you're ready for bed-time at 4pm? Yeah, it's one of those.

Here's to tomorrow being Friday, and putting potty-training off for a few more months. :)
Happy almost-weekend!