Pinterest Wish/To Do List

Hi friends!

Are any of you Pinterest addicts, too? I went about a year without even looking at Pinterest, and then one night about a month ago decided around 2am that it'd be a good idea to check it out again. Let's just say that I haven't gone a day without looking on Pinterest since; it's so addicting! But, hey, I can't be mad at myself. There are so many great ideas and neat inspiration! Sharing a few of my recent favorites with you below.
This awesome Upcycled Tin Can Organizer. I like the looks of them even without being painted, but I'm a sucker for anything gold and these would be perfect for my craft space. Upcycling is always a plus, too.
This crock pot Cheesy Ranch Chicken and Potatoes. Because, hello. Yum. Looks easy, too; always a win in my book.
This kitchen. It's strange for me to say this because I've always been a fan of all things antique and vintage, but the older I get the more I realize that my taste in the home leans more toward a modern feel. I love the bright, fresh feel of this kitchen and especially love the chalkboard. I'm thinking about putting one on the back of our pantry door, because that's about the only spot we'd have for it in the kitchen.
 This Coconut Baklava recipe, because I love baklava and imagining it with coconut makes my mouth seriously water.

This outfit because I love everything about it and it screams fall. (you hear that, Houston? Fall! Make it happen soon, please!)
These painted stone magnets because they're so fresh and fun, and we always need new magnets for the fridge.

What are some of your favorite recent Pinterest finds? Would love to hear!