Halloween Recap

 Happy November!
Can you believe it? I saw a Target Christmas commercial this afternoon and nearly fell out of my chair. How is it possible? This year has seriously flown by. I'm not complaining though, because we love the holidays! This is such a special time of year.

Halloween was so much fun this year; Bear had a big playgroup party in the morning and he absolutely loved trick or treating that evening. People always say holidays are more fun with kids and so far that's proved to be true. It brings so much joy to see things through the eyes of a child.
 And to eat all their candy. In bed.

We woke up Friday morning and got ready for our playgroup party. Pinocchio and the Blue Fairy!

That evening, we ordered pizza and then hit the streets. This little guy was in heaven.
"Trick or treat" sounded something like "Chuck E. Cheese", but it's all the same. Just pass the candy, please. He even did all the knocking.
My parents came in that night and got to take Bear around to a few houses; it was fun for all of us. Thanks for coming to visit, Mom and Dad! We love y'all.
Now onto all things Thanksgiving and, not even gonna deny it, Christmas. Yes it's only November 3rd and the Michael Buble Christmas album is already calling my name.

Hope you had a fun, spooky Halloween!