Long Time No Blog!

Hi there!

Y'all. It took me three times to get my password correct when logging into blogger; THAT'S how long it's been since I've blogged. Longest break from posting on here since starting FWTF. I have to be honest; the break was nice. I didn't even realize I wasn't blogging much to be honest, and it wasn't intentional. Life has just been really busy the last few months, in a good way!

I'll try to do some catch up posts, but for now, a few recent selfies. Because the face of this little guy has changed quite a bit since our last post!
couch potatoes
We enjoyed the last day of 2014 by doing all of Bear's favorite things, carousel included.
obsessed with this new J.Crew necklace from my sweet sis-in-law, Scarlett
When the weather is too cold to play outside, we head to the mall and everyone's happy. :)

I got new specs! aka I can see...which is nice.

Bear has started talking so much the last few months and we love hearing the new things that come out of his mouth every day. Newest thing? "All bass, no treble". Thank you, Meghan Trainor (and Mommy, for blaring it on the radio).
Hope you all had a very merry Christmas and the happiest holiday season!
Cheers to 2015 and the adventures it brings!