Our Days

Our days lately have been busy, but in the best way. We've been going to lots of play dates and making new friends (both for Bear & Mommy), hitting up Bear's favorite spots like the museum & Bouncin' Bears, and learning new activities at home when it's too cold to get out.
Bear had hand, foot, & mouth disease over Christmas break (sounds much worse than it actually was!), so we're praying for no more sickness. This little boy likes to go go go and being sick slows us down! Zach and I really are both obsessed with this age; Bear is suddenly repeating everything we say (not always a good thing), trying all kinds of new foods he wouldn't eat before, and coming into his personality so much. He's a very easy-going, laid back little man...much like his Daddy. Thank goodness! ;)
A few pictures from the past few days...
Bear loves his DLC leggings and matching beanie! We love representing this company; they really are the best clothes for both style & comfortable play.
I sported my "hashtag" tee, which warranted a #selfie.

Getting this rascal out of jammies in the morning is a challenge...can't say I blame him.

Dreaming of summer days while afternoon snacking/recipe searching.

Freddy's date with friends!
Pajama-wearing, paci-sucking, room-wrecking, sombrero-sporting Bear.

Headed to dinner Saturday night

The whole house is clean (minus a few closets that need some serious decluttering), Bear is napping, and I'm fairly sure there are some Real Housewives calling my name.
Happy Hump Day!