why you need business cards for your blog

Prior to starting Hello Honey, we had a family blog where I posted sporadically with the intent of keeping an online diary of our lives. I never took it too seriously, or treated that first blog like a business. It wasn't until I joined several online groups and made other friends in the blogging community that I began to see the opportunities in the world of blogging. Shops began contacting me to receive their products in return for a review, and I was in slight shock. Pretty cool, right? But then companies started asking to see my media kit. My what? I'm very technologically challenged, y'all. After much research and talking with other bloggers, I finally figured out what a media kit was and got busy making one (with Zach's help, naturally). 

After the media kit was made, I thought I was set. But then I started attending local events, store openings, and NYFW...all places that business cards were being handed out like candy on Halloween. Business cards for a blog? May not sound like the most necessary thing in the world, but I can assure you that they come in handy. Networking in the blogging world is huge, and you never know who you're going to meet at an event or even the local grocery store. I read once that if you treat your blog like a business, you should have business cards. I wanted to seek every opportunity that came my way, so I had the sweet and talented Lorinda Mamo design a business card that fit the aesthetic of both my blog and media kit. She nailed it!

Lorinda was amazing to work with and really affordable; I highly recommend her for anyone who's needing graphic design work. A little more about the designer...

Lorinda was born and raised in Toronto. She moved to Malta with her family, and has been living there for the past 16 years. She now enjoys island life with her husband and son.

Working in design and marketing for over a decade, she has, over the years, garnered loyal clients and many followers.

When she is not working on a design or marketing project for a client, you will find her blogging at A Bird with a French Fry where she writes about parenthood, mothering with a perspective on design, and features trendy design-led things for babies, kids and parents.

On any given day you will find her changing diapers, answering emails, designing adverts/business cards/logos/websites, creating content for clients, sourcing design-y gear, toys and fashion and for littles, designing fun printables, drafting DIY’s, sourcing items for an interior styling project and photoshoot, drinking tea or coffee, and even working oan a DIY project going on in the background. Raising a child who was born with a rare syndrome and as a recent cancer survivor, her day also includes researching interesting recipes and foods for her son, preparing her son’s treatments, and scheduling hospital appointments.

Lorinda is fond of all things creative and design related - especially those children-related. She strives to surround herself with things that are organised, functional and stylish (although it’s not always possible with a toddler). Her favourite food is sushi, she likes to snack on almonds, and will never give up her husband’s pasta dishes.

As a self-confessed notebook addict, she has a notebook for everything - from lists of lists to her next exciting project.

Feel free to email her on lorindamamo@gmail.com
You can also find her on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Bloglovin | Instagram
design website: www.dcs.com.mt
lifestyle/parenting blog: www.abirdwithafrenchfry.com

The top three reasons you need business cards for your blog:
1. Connect with people in "real life". Whether you're at a blogging convention or pop into a local boutique, you never know who is going to ask about your blog. You want to be prepared and have your information available all on one pretty little card.
2. Send out. Many bloggers send out products and business cards are a vital component to put in each package. Even if you don't send out product, almost all bloggers send out notes and participate in swaps; a business card is a great thing to include!
3. Create a stronger brand. Having a business card is a great way to strengthen your blog and overall brand. Putting your logo on something official will help immensely when you travel, share, and connect.

I'm invited to a holiday brunch at House of Hough tomorrow and can't wait to meet new ladies and hand out business cards! I'm no professional but at least I can pretend. :)

Have any questions about the cards or designer? Feel free to leave them in the comments below and I'm more than happy to answer.
Thanks for reading!
xo, Britt