how to: BOO

When Zach and I moved into our house four years ago, neither of us had ever heard of "BOO'ing". I remember how excited I was that first year, finding a bucket full of treats by our front door that had been anonymously left with a sweet note. Even more fun was the trip to Target to find things for our own buckets, and then knocking and running into our neighbor's bushes while we waited to see the excitement on their faces when they found their surprise. It's by far my favorite neighborhood tradition; I look forward to it every year and Bear is loving it this year, too! If your neighborhood doesn't "BOO", you should start! It's really simple and kids (including us big kids) love it.

Here's the basket we found by our door Sunday morning:

The note changes from year to year, as they're easy to find online (lots of free printables here). Here's what ours looked like this year:

A look at the contents, including bone candy which Bear refers to as "dog food":

We usually fill our basket with things from the Target Dollar Spot, but Dollar Tree has a lot of cute Halloween decor this year so we decided to go there instead. Here's what we put in our bowls (because you can't have too many candy bowls!):

We usually try to keep it to $10-15 per bucket, which is easy to do because Halloween stuff is cheap. It also helps if you know the neighbors you're BOO'ing, so you can customize the basket especially for them. Like if they have a new baby, a Halloween onesie would be cute to include. Or if you know their favorite candy or treat, of course put it in! Who we BOO is always a game-time decision (depending on who's home, who's already been BOO'ed, etc.), so we make ours pretty generic. Either way, it's a really fun way to get in the Halloween spirit. Now just watch some Hocus Pocus, devour some candy corn, and you'll be a Halloween boss.

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xo, Britt