5 holiday must-haves

With the holidays quickly approaching, this is the best time to grab those little necessities you know you'll need for upcoming parties and outings. I can't tell you how many years I've gone out on New Years Eve, trying to find the perfect jewelry to match my dress for that night (that I bought the day before). You can totally avoid that last minute stress by getting some classic pieces that will last throughout the holidays. That goes for make-up, perfume, and all those lovely things that make you feel pretty! 

foundation | earrings | brow gel & liner | gold glitter nail polish | perfume

These are my favorite things to have on hand for the holidays! I'll tell you a little about why I love each one.
Laura Mercier Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation- I'll be honest and say that I've only been using this foundation for a couple weeks, but I absolutely love it. It's so light and feels great on my skin, but also gives an airbrushed look and I can tell a big difference in my face in photos. It's a little pricey at $48 for this size tube, but it's worth every penny.
BP Statement Earrings- If you get one thing of the five, make sure it's these earrings. For just $16, they're a steal! They're even prettier in person and add the perfect glitzy touch to a holiday outfit.
Younique Brow Gel & Liner- I don't go anywhere without using these two products, even if I put nothing else on my face. The liner goes on and blends so well, and the gel holds my crazy caterpillar brows in place all day.
Nina Gold Glitter Top Coat- This nail polish is a must-have for the Christmas season. Wear it over a bright red, on the nail tips, or by itself for some subtle sparkle. 
Prada Ambree Perfume- This is my favorite perfume this time of year; it's an oriental-floral scent with a light touch of amber. I love to spritz this on my wrists before heading out to an event.

What are some of your holiday necessities? Do share!
xo, Britt