top 3 lipsticks for fall

Y'all know that my obsession with fall knows no bounds, and lipstick is one of my favorite things to change with the season. There are deep purples, rich mauves, and soft nudes. I prefer drugstore lipstick because you can get five to every one YSL, and I've read where companies like Covergirl and Revlon sink most of their money into lipstick because it's their biggest profit-maker. Of all drugstore make-up you can buy, lipstick is supposed to be the best quality. And let's face it, who doesn't buy make-up at Target or Wal Mart? No shame in my lipstick game.

I've tried a lot of different fall shades, and picked my three favorites for every skin tone!

left: L'Oreal Raisin Rapture | middle: Maybelline On the Mauve | right: L'Oreal Sun Wash

On the far left, Raisin Rapture is burgundy meets brown with a little (but not much) sparkle. It goes on so smooth and the color is flattering on all skin types.
In the middle, On the Mauve is a pale purpleish-pink flat lipstick. This is a brighter shade for adding a pop of color to an otherwise dark outfit, while still looking like a fall and winter shade.
On the far right, Sun Wash is a deep brown with great shine. This one is the epitome of fall in my opinion, and would be the color to rock in Christmas photos or to Thanksgiving dinner.

What are some of your favorite lip colors for fall? I'd love to hear!

xo, Britt