Thanksgiving Teacher Gift

Bear started a Mother's Day Out program a couple weeks ago and he's loving it so far! He has two very sweet teachers, and we wanted to do a little something for them for Thanksgiving since Bear just came into the class.

I found jars of salted caramel cookie mix at Target on sale after Halloween for $2.50 each. I thought they'd still be cute to give out at Thanksgiving. Any small mason jar with cookie mix would work for this; you can even make your own!

I found this handy free printable and it was so easy to use; I just pulled it up in Word and added "Love, Bear". There are also options for friends, neighbors, etc.! I used chevron washi tape to attach the note to the jar, and then taped a Starbuck's gift card to the top. And yes, I gifted Starbucks in the midst of the red cup outrage. Because I don't care if those little red cups have devil horns coming out of them, these teachers deserve some good coffee after a morning of dealing with crazy toddlers.

We took them on Tuesday and they were a hit! Can't wait to deliver some to our neighbors, too.

We're busy getting ready for Bear's third birthday party on Saturday; we had to move it up two days due to weather conditions and those two days were crucial for my procrastination problems. We're keeping it pretty low key and laid back this year though, and I have to say it's way better than over-stressing about every little detail (which I've done the previous two years). Pizza at the park...Bear's two favorite things! Oh, and lots of Star Wars. Can't wait to celebrate our little Darth Vader!

xo, Britt