cobalt & white

Hi there! I'm so excited to officially introduce "Hello Honey"; welcome to the blog! Design work all done by the talented Sarah at Gracefully Made Designs. The goal of this new blog is to create, inspire, & have fun with the outfits Bear & I wear on a regular basis. You can also expect to see recipes, recaps of our family happenings, & other randoms. :)

shoes: Old Navy (similar here), top/white jeans/bag: Marshall's, tassel necklace/bracelets: Logs 'n Lace //on Bear: fedora: Target, shirt/tie: Old Navy, shorts: The Wittman Schack, sandals: Nordstrom

Photos by the talented Aimey of Diamond Oak Photography

About the outfits...
Bear is obsessed with Thomas the Train; can you tell? It's already getting pretty warm here in Houston so lightweight fabrics for our sweaty little boy are a must. Bear wore this shirt at Easter and it's one of our favorites, plus it came with the cute bicycle tie!
I've always loved the combination of cobalt & white; something about the way the vibrant blue pops against the bright white makes it really stand out. Flowy tanks are a must for this heat, plus they're forgiving after a big brunch of chicken and waffles!

Thank you for reading; we hope you'll come back soon!