patriotic party

Some of Bear's sweet friends & their mommas came over for a Patriotic Party this morning, & we had so much fun. Preparations mostly included dipping everything in chocolate and pulling out Bear's last birthday decorations, which happened to be red, white and blue. Bear's still working on the whole sharing thing, but we'll get there. :)

A look at the party in pictures...

Can't stop laughing at that last picture...that kiss was totally unexpected. Those two really love each other; can you tell?

The handprint craft is simple and easy, if you'd like to do it, too! Just use washable or tempura paint, and paint your child's palm completely white. Have them press it onto a sheet of light blue cardstock. Once it dries, paint red stripes down the hand and add a blue square at the bottom left. When the blue dries, paint a white star inside the square. That's it, you have a flag handprint!

I love the 4th of July, and hope to make this a yearly tradition. We're so excited for this weekend!
Thank you to all our friends who came, celebrated, and brought treats!
xo, Britt