current beauty favs

I've never claimed to be an expert when it comes to beauty products; I'm constantly trying and learning new things. My Mom has beautiful skin and has never worn much make-up, and having two brothers/no sisters didn't leave me educated very well in the beauty department. But now, at 28, I'm having more fun than ever experimenting with products! Sephora can be a very dangerous place if you get my drift.

Here are some of the products that are always in my make-up bag these days.


1. I love this make-up bag (it can hold anything, really); it's perfect for summer & easy to switch from purse to purse. Flamingos are pretty  much the cutest thing ever, and this is a fun take on them with no pink.

2. I've been using this Nivea cream for several years now and I love the way it makes my skin feel. I use it on my face at night after I shower and my skin feels so soft in the morning.

3. This High Definition powder is amazing. It really gives your skin a dewy glow; I apply it last and usually only wear it on days that I'm going to actually "see people". ;)

4. Okay's embarrassing to admit this but I've never worn foundation or any kind of base, ever, until recently. I wanted something to smooth over my skin, and I had seen several bloggers rave on this Covergirl+Olay foundation. One even said she's tried tons of expensive brands and none beat this foundation. I have nothing to compare it to but I do love it so far; it really gives your skin an airbrushed look. Highly recommend it! I get "buff beige".

5. I got this BB cream in a Birchbox and I've loved it ever since. I wear it on days that I don't want a lot of coverage, but feel like I need something on my skin. It's really light and blends well.

6. I avoided red lipstick for the longest time because I never felt like I could really pull it off. Covergirl's "Succulent Cherry" Colorlicious Lipstick is a shade of red that I feel like everyone can pull off. It's not too deep, but rich enough to make a statement. And it stays on for hours. If ever I'm in a rush but still want to feel put-together, I'll throw on this lipstick and sunglasses and no-one knows I barely had time to brush my teeth.

7. I never leave home without these Caldrea handsoaps! They're a lifesaver and leave my hands feeling so soft and clean.

8. This Loreal mascara is a miracle worker. I don't use the regular mascara end, only the primer. I apply it to my lashes first, right after curling them, then let it dry before applying my regular mascara. I really do feel like it adds length and volume to my lashes.

What beauty products are your must-haves? Would love to hear!
xo, Britt