let's talk hair

Hey guys! I've never really talked much, or at all, about hair on the blog. I recently cut about 8 inches off of mine so I'm still playing with styling it, but I'll share some of my hair care routine below!

Also, this fun Madison Reed hair color advisor helps you find your perfect hair color; how handy is that? Madison Reed has a healthier dye that is free of gluten, ammonia, PPD and many more harsh chemicals. Read more about it here!

dress: Target (a gift from my sweet friend Maria!), clutch: Charming Charlie, watch: Target, bracelet: Kendra Scott via Rocksbox, shoes: Material Girl via Macy's (in store only, love these), neon pink stud earrings: Loren Hope via Rocksbox


Okay, let's talk hair! Honestly, I don't do too much to my hair; it's always been really thick and pretty healthy. This time of year, I wash it every day because we do so many outdoor activities that it feels sweaty and gross if I don't. In the winter, I usually switch to every other day. I always wash it at night, before bed, and sleep with it wet. That helps at this length because I wake up and it's naturally wavy; most days I don't mess with curling/straightening it. Also I just don't have time to blow dry! I try to avoid using heat on my hair as much as possible.

As far as products, I switch shampoos often but really like Dove shampoo & conditioner; it just seems to work well on my hair. At night, after I wash it, I put on this Nexxus spray and it helps me wake up with loose waves. I love it! I also swear by this Jherri Redding argan oil for styling; I apply one pump of it in the morning and it's like magic. Smells like a dream and tames frizz, plus is just really healthy for your hair. I think any argan oil serum would do the trick.

When curling, I use this one inch Conair curling iron (so cheap but I love it so much!). To achieve the wavy look up above, I use a large claw clip and pin up half my hair. I take a few small sections and curl them (always curl away from your face), leaving the very tip off the curling iron to give it more of a natural wavy look. I don't curl all of the bottom section, just about half. Then I let down the top half of my hair and do the same, wrapping small sections of hair around the barrel, holding for about ten seconds (all but the ends!), and moving to the next. In total, it takes me about 10-15 minutes depending on how much curl I want. I don't typically spray; just run my hands through it and go! Brushing once also gives a pretty wave, but in this extreme Houston heat I try and touch the curls minimally so they won't fall too much. This is also when I apply the argan oil styling cream to tame frizz (and cause I just really love the smell..I have this thing for smells).

Now that I wrote a novel, hope some of it has been helpful! :) If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. I'm happy to answer! I'd also love to hear some of your hair care secrets!

Madison Reed has also shared this neat Hair-o-scope; click here to read a more in depth version.