favorite candles & five ways to relax

I'm a long-time lover of candles and all things that smell yummy. That said, I believe I've found the very best candles out there with these earth meets water hand poured candles. I prefer them over Yankee Candles, Bath & Body Works, and all other major brands I've tried. Plus, they're made right here in Houston and a portion of every sale is donated to the Turtle Island Restoration Network (www.SeaTurtles.org). Mermaid Lagoon smells just a divine as it sounds and Secret Forest is the perfect fall/winter scent! I love how pretty they look sitting on my desk and they really help me unwind after long, stressful days of balancing this thing I call "work" with chasing around a toddler.

candles: earth meets water, robe: Plum Pretty Sugar, glasses: Versace, mug: Stein Mart (similar here)

I think it's so important that we all take a few minutes to ourselves every day to put our worries aside and just relax. Even if it's only for five minutes, it really helps the mind and body to be stress-free.

5 ways I relax & unwind:

1. Marking things off my to-do list. I keep a running list going pretty much daily/weekly of everything I want to accomplish. Sometimes I mark things off as I go, but other days are just too crazy and I don’t have the time. At night, when I want to slow down and relax, it helps me to start by crossing off all the tasks I did that day; I always feel better afterward.

2. Taking a hot bubble bath with candles. This is a bit of a cliché but it’s just the best. No better way to relax than propping your feet up in a tub full of bubbles.

3. Reading a good book. I usually do this after I climb into bed; I like to read for about 30 minutes before falling asleep. It helps me tire out and it’s usually the only time I have during the day to read. It also takes my mind off of everyday stresses.

4. Drinking hot tea. Preferably while laying on the couch watching reality TV. :)

5. Taking a walk. This may not sound very relaxing, but I take a walk most evenings to be alone with my thoughts and enjoy the fresh air. I only walk for 20-30 minutes but I feel so much more relaxed and refreshed afterwards, especially when I catch a gorgeous sunset.


What do you do to recoup after a long day?
xo, Britt

p.s. Find earth meets water on Facebook here! I promise you'll love the products!