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Must Have Travel Essentials

Oh traveling. It’s the most exciting endeavor in someone’s life. For women, maybe more than anyone else, the very knowing that they’ll go on a trip is a reason to get the chills, so sometimes, packing their bags may be overwhelming, due to all that excitement.

Throwing everything in your suitcase won’t work, you’ll take some unneeded stuff and forget some of the essentials. The only solution is to make a plan and stick to it. This is no easy task, though.

Don’t worry, we’ll help you to make and check your list, to make sure you have a great time on your adventure.



Start digging through your wardrobe and find some basic and comfortable items you’ll surely need on your trip. You don’t need a lot of fancy “night-clubs” pieces, your vacation should be relaxed, but still fashionable. A swimsuit that matches your body type is a must and some beach cover-ups will provide you with the boho touch.

For some casual days, make sure to pack comfy shorts and printed t-shirt. Because it is wise to hope for the best and be prepared for the worst, packing a rain coat should be on your list. Bring a lot of neutral items that you can easily mix and match, neutral colors, in this case, are your best friends. And for us, white is the queen of them. As for the footwear, opt for the lightweight, comfortable, quality and eye-catching.


Beauty items

A woman must look her best at any given time. That’s why, going on a vacation, doesn’t exclude wearing makeup. You don’t have to put it on at any given time, but being ready is the key for having a good time. So grab your vanity case and fill it with mascara, hair brush, eyeliner, foundation, makeup applicator and brushes, powder, blush, eye-shadow, etc.

The beach shouldn’t be the place where you’ll be sporting all of these products, for that purpose you can opt for minimal and lightweight makeup. It would be enough to accentuate lips with mild pink lipstick and eyes with mascara. One of the best ways to wear almost no makeup and still look stunning are tattooed eyebrows for extra seductive look.



Free-time stuff

Though vacation by itself offers sufficient of entertainment, there is no reason not to bring some helpful items for in-flight time and lazy days on the beach. A good book can make wonders, when you simply don’t feel like talking with anyone and want to enjoy your quiet time. Fun music playlist, a laptop, notebook, iPad or a tablet and headphones will make your in-flight time shorter and on beach time more pleasant. Depending on what you like to do in your free-time, you can also pack some magazines, pencils, camera, etc.


Top 6 travel essentials

After we’ve covered all the basics, let’s skip to some specific things.

Here are our top 6 travel essentials:

  1. Camel color linen dress

  2. Espadrilles

  3. Big bag for all your trinkets

  4. Body spray

  5. Dry shampoo

  6. Bronzer.

We hope this has been helpful. Now it’s time to clean the dust of an old suitcase and get packing! Adventure is waiting for you.


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