dressing for your shape

I've had many questions about my class at the Pinners Conference and what I spoke about, and I promised at least a dozen ladies in the class that I'd share some of the slides on my blog. So here we are! They're not fancy shmancy, and I even warned the Pinners ladies that I'm very technologically challenged beforehand. But hopefully you'll get the drift and I'll explain each one below.

I started off the class with examples of what not to wear, and thank goodness no-one present that day was pictured in the images I pulled from Google. That would've been bad. Same reason I'm not sharing those slides on here. I then touched on what to wear, sharing examples of styles that work really well and some "surprising dos" like wearing one color head to toe and pairing shirts under dresses (a current trend that's definitely a do). After showing lots of photo examples, we moved on to figuring out each woman's shape so they could better establish which styles work for their build. This is pretty important info so despite the less-than-stellar slides, I'm sharing it here, too!

Follow the chart below to evaluate if you're considered full-busted, curvy, pear, apple, or boyish.

Hopefully you navigated the chart okay and now know which body type category you fall under. I'm boyish, in case you're using me for a reference. Boyish...awesome. Now find the text below that describes you and check out the tips underneath.

If you're considered full-busted, you should gravitate towards v-neck tops, boot-cut jeans, and a-line skirts. These pieces all flatter your figure and balance out your shape. Boot-cut jeans are a popular pick in this post and for good reason- they don't get enough credit! Everyone's all about the skinny jeans these days (myself included) yet boot-cut jeans look just as good or better on all shapes and sizes. 

For the curvy girl, opt for scooped necklines and dresses with a cinched waist. Full, flowy dressy will lose your shape and not be flattering- you want to show off those curves! Find skinny jeans in a dark wash (I love these & they're on major sale), and try fishtail skirts like this one. They emphasize your curves and play to your best features.

If you're a pear shape, wear sweetheart necklines and try out retro swimwear (I'm obsessed with Kortni Jeane). You can totally rock it! Boot-cut or flair jeans look best on your figure and balance you out; you're in luck because flair jeans are very much in style right now. Full skirts also are super flattering on your shape and the midi length style pictured was made for you (this one is on sale and SO cute!).

For the apple shaped girl, wear v-necks up top and opt for high-cut swimsuits to really show off those great legs. Show off what your mama gave ya! Knee-length wrapped dresses are also your jam (they're everyone's jam; there's a reason why Diane Von Furstenberg is a legend) and you should stock up on boot-cut jeans.

For the boyish body type, try the popular keyhole neckline trend with dresses like this one. Peplum dresses also play to your advantage as they give the illusion of curves and add a fun feminine element to an outfit. You can pull off any style of jean, so have fun and try a style you might not normally go for like this wide leg pair. Swing tops look great on you, especially with skinny jeans, and maxi skirts are your best friend. If you're petite like me, make sure and have a good tailor on hand to do some hemming. 

When it comes to styles to avoid, here are some general rules:
1. Avoid head to toe bulky, loose fitting items. A flowy top is fine, or a loose maxi skirt, but make sure the other half of you is wearing something fitted. If not, you'll lose your shape and it's an unflattering look on all body types.
2. Don't wear too much in the accessory department. The saying "less is more" always goes and should be considered when you start stacking on jewelry every morning. The beauty of statement earrings/necklaces that are in right now is that they need no other company- they're enough by themselves.
3. Stay away from cheap looking fabrics. I stay away from anything that requires ironing (#lazy), and cheap looking fabrics typically fit into this category. It's a shame to spend a great deal of money on an item of clothing that looks cheap, so always opt for thick, quality fabrics.
4. Don't feel the need to try trends just because they're in. I walked in ZARA the other day and felt torn between falling over laughing and entering a state of shock. Some of the styles right now are bad, y'all. Just because you see a mannequin wearing an outfit okay does not mean it will translate well into real life. Know your shape, lifestyle, and personal fashion preferences before considering buying and wearing a current trend. 
5. By all means, avoid anything you're uncomfortable wearing. I say this even to myself, because we all have moments when we look in the mirror and wonder, "Should I wear this skirt? It's a little short but, it could work if I pull it down every few minutes." Who in their right mind wants to be doing that? If you're not going to be comfortable in your clothing, your entire day will be negatively affected. Swap the skirt for one you know fits better and you'll thank yourself later.


I'll be back with two more Conference recap posts next week for all of you who couldn't make it (and those of you who sweetly asked!). I still can't believe that I talked for an hour straight and no-one fell asleep (that I know of). I did trip and almost wipe out getting up on the stage at one point, but hopefully the camera guy who was taping missed that lovely display of grace.

We are heading to the pumpkin patch tomorrow morning and Bear is so excited- we love this time of year! Hope you have a great weekend!
xo, Britt