must-have wardrobe basics

I'm back with one final recap of my class at the Pinners Conference (part one here, part two here)! I had more slides and could've continued these posts on for awhile, but I figured this was the most important of what I haven't yet covered and the rest is a little harder to explain via blog post. Thank you for sticking with these somewhat long-winded class recaps, and I hope those of you that asked for them have found them helpful!

Let's talk about the clothes that you absolutely have to have in your closet. Also known as a capsule wardrobe, these closet staples are essential pieces that don't go out of fashion and can be easily augmented with seasonal pieces. No matter your age, body type, career path, or any other major factor, we all need the same timeless pieces in our capsule wardrobe. 

The eleven pieces of clothing every woman should own are...

1. Blouse- several quality blouses, with at least one of them being chambray. Of course a classic white blouse is also a must, but chambray can be easily dressed up or down and is super versatile.
2. Blazer- a tailored blazer, preferably in black. Even if you don't work an office job, every woman needs a well-fitted blazer to dress up even the simplest look of jeans and a tee. 
3. Sweater- a soft, comfy sweater that's great for layering. I have lots of these and gray is always my go-to because it's such a chic neutral. I love to dress them down with jeans and a black moto jacket, or up with a button-up shirt underneath and slacks.
4. Tank- a relaxed-fit tank in several colors. It took me years to realize the importance of a good tank top. I used to just grab the $3 tanks at Walmart, without realizing that this little piece really can make or break an outfit. They're perfect for wearing under blazers when it's warm out but you still want to look put-together. 
5. Tee- a classic v-neck white tee. I love how Emily Ann Gemma always pairs her white tees under cardigans for a comfy, cozy fall look. Find one you love with a good fit and stretch and buy 8 of those bad boys. You'll thank yourself later.
6. Black Skirt- a modest, shape-flattering black skirt. Some women prefer pencil skirts, others like a flowy midi length, and lots in between. Whatever silhouette you love, make sure you've got a black skirt that fits the bill. I can't tell you how many times I've thrown a last minute outfit together for a meeting or event and worn my favorite black skirt. They never go out of style!
7. Jeans- no fuss, dark wash jeans. While distressed denim is all the rage and I for one love that trend, every woman needs a pair of jeans without all the crazy details that fit and flatter her shape. I have splurged on a few pairs from Anthropologie over the years and they have been my most-worn jeans because they look good with everything. Don't feel like you have to go for skinny jeans- boot-cut look great on all shapes and sizes. 
8. Long-Sleeve Tee- a long-sleeve tee, preferably in thin black and white stripes. This one may seem a little off kilter but I promise, you'll wear this piece more than anything else in your closet. The layering possibilities are endless and a striped tee is perfect for pattern mixing with the likes of leopard, floral, and plaid prints.
9. Black Dress- the LBD. Similar to the black skirt, find a style of dress that suits your body type (refer to the guide here) and buy it in black. Splurge away, because this dress will be your go-to for funerals (sad, I know), holiday parties, and everything in between.
10. Cardigan- a soft cardigan, preferably in gray or black. We all own cardigans, but make sure you have one in a solid color that is simple without ruffles or a flowy front (you know what I mean!). J.Crew has amazing cardis that last for years; I keep one in my purse at all times for chilly restaurants and grocery stores.
11. Black Pants- a pair of sleek black pants. Saved the best for last, right? Nothing beats a good pair of fitted black slacks. Find a pair that is a good middle ground- no stretchy leggings and no silk- I gravitate toward high-waisted myself but maybe that's just the mom in me. Either way, this is probably the most versatile piece you should own. Bonus points if you can find a pair that looks great with everything from sneakers to stilettos (that's the goal).


Wondering why I stopped at 11 instead of 10 or 12? I couldn't leave any of these off to cap it at 10 and didn't have enough room on my slide to include a dozen. The missing piece is a black coat- whether it's a trench, peacoat, or moto jacket, we all need a nice warm coat in this chic, flattering hue.

You guys! Bear was so hilariously cute trick-or-treating last night, Zach and I couldn't stop laughing the entire time. Every time someone would answer the door, he'd loudly say, "TRICK OR TREAT! GIVE ME SOMETHING GOOD TO EAT!" immediately followed by "I'm a Stormtrooper". Next year we are just going to plaster a costume description sign on his head so he doesn't feel the need to tell every single person what he's dressed as. He also said "thank you" about 80% of the time, which we're counting as a win in the manners department for a three year old. The funniest of all though was towards the end of the night when someone would open the door and hand him candy, he'd proclaim, "The Reese's Pieces are for my Daddy". Of course everyone cracked up and we have no idea where he got that from. Zach was a little embarrassed but it was priceless; I'm just glad he didn't tell them that the Junior Mints are for Mommy (because they totally are).
Hope you all had a safe, spooky Halloween!
xo, Britt