little lumberjacks party

Last Friday, Bear and I had our playgroup friends over for a "Little Lumberjacks" holiday themed party, complete with a buffalo plaid dress-code and plenty of woodsy themed treats for our guests! Luckily my husband is somewhat of a lumberjack himself, so he chopped up lots of logs for us to use on the tables which added the perfect natural element and dimension. As usual, I took entirely too many pictures so I'll stop rambling and let them do the talking. :)

This is a party I've wanted to throw for such a long time- I saw the theme on Pinterest done for a first birthday party (of triplet boys!) and really wanted to do this for Bear's birthday this year, but he wasn't having it. Stars Wars Legos or bust was basically his response to my suggestion. So we decided to run with the Little Lumberjacks theme for a holiday party instead and it worked out perfectly! Buffalo plaid is easy to find this time of year and we stumbled upon all kinds of lumberjack Santa's at Target; I tried to link them below but it's all in stores and not online. Target also has the cutest 2 ft. tall lumberjack Santa that I wanted to use for a centerpiece- I pointed it out to  Bear in the store one day and he goes, "Ummm, that Santa Claus is a little bit creepy". I guess my cute is his creepy. 

The donut reindeer were also a hit- I just took store-bought powdered donuts and used melted chocolate to stick on a red M&M nose (in the center hole). The chocolate chip eyes press in easily and stay in since they're pointy on one side, and the antlers are made by breaking pretzels in half. The reindeer rice krispies were made pretty much the same, just with googly eyes instead of chocolate chips and piped on chocolate for antlers. I'm linking everything else I can think of below but if I leave anything out, feel free to ask in the comments!

all free printables found here
buffalo plaid tablecloth- Kohl's
Merry Christmas garland- Target here
Bear's pajamas- Target here
my Mama Bear hoodie- Loved by Hannah & Eli here
Mama Bear mug- Maya Lyns Creations here 
"May your days" chalkboard sign- Michael's
Crosley record player- Target
Bing Crosby Merry Christmas vinyl found here

My parents came to visit this weekend and we've had such a fun, full day; I'm the last one awake and my eyes are doing some serious squinting/burning as I try and finish this post at 1:18am. Hope you're all having a great weekend!
xo, Britt