pretty little things

I really love cute little random things, which is why I couldn't turn down the opportunity to collaborate with Ankit. I had never heard of the company before but recognized some of their products immediately. At Ankit, they design those unique accessories, decor, tech, and home items that you see sold in Forever 21, Nordstrom, Nasty Gal, Anthropolgie, PacSun, Modcloth, and more. From home decor such as string lights to tech accessories like portable chargers, they seriously make it all. And they make it super cute.

Here's a look at what Ankit sent me a few weeks ago...

Pretty much obsessed with those emoji stickers. I had to hide them from Bear because he wanted to put them all over the office walls. I put the air freshener in my car and it smells amazing; two weeks later and I still smell it when I open the door.

The phone case has such a fun pattern and I love that it's clear; I carried it on my phone for a few days but then switched back to my trusty Otterbox because BEAR. I'm a worrywart by nature and I know my son too well; if it can be destroyed, he will destroy it. Not on purpose, of course (usually). If you don't have a rambunctious little boy, I definitely recommend this phone case. I felt so fancy when taking mirror selfies.

Again with the emoji stickers. Obsessed. They add a playful touch to my #basicblogger marble laptop case.

It's a rare occasion that I get to ride in the backseat but when I do, I take full advantage. Headphones on, Skittles in my lap, and hopefully a nap on the horizon. These headphones are great quality; I haven't ever had a pair like this and I love using them. The little buds that go inside your ear bother me; I prefer these cute soft and comfortable ones.

Yes, that would be my empty Pretty Dress Fund. Sad! Truth is, I blew through that a looooong time ago. Somehow this jar being empty doesn't stop me from shopping for dresses, but it does add a fun touch to my desk.

Overall, I loved everything I received from Ankit. If I had to pick a favorite I'd probably say the headphones, mostly because I enjoy anything that promotes muffled toddler tantrums.

Bear has actually been such a sweetie today; he has a new cousin and can't stop talking about "Baby Zah-wee" (Zollie). He's anxious to meet his precious little cousin, and Zach and I are too! Bear now has six cousins, all of which are boys. It's pretty wild when they all get together but they love every minute of it.

Hope you're having a great week!
xo, Britt