girls night at grub

Last Tuesday, Grub Burger Bar in The Woodlands treated some of my girlfriends and me to the most amazing "Sharing Flavors" dinner. If we're talking courses, it was like seven. No joke. And every one was delicious! We finished the night with a Rice Krispy Milkshake, which was heavenly. Grub makes the rice krispy treats from scratch every morning and then blends them into each shake; it's the perfect mix of sweet and creamy and crunchy. I want another just thinking about it!

We tried tons of menu items, from the savory Ahi Tuna to my personal favorite, the VooDoo Mushroom Burger (absinthe sautéed mushrooms with swiss cheese and Tabasco mayo). I even got one of those bad boys to go. And didn't share with Zach or Bear.

The first time I ever had Grub was in College Station, Texas, while visiting my sister-in-law who went to A&M at the time. I fell in love with their sweet potato waffle fries and mac 'n cheese burger, so naturally I was ecstatic to find out they were opening a Grub in The Woodlands. We've been many times since, and have never once been disappointed in the overall experience. The Grub staff is amazing and so kind; my friends and I were blown away with the service we received on Tuesday. Check here to find the closest Grub Burger Bar to you!

After looking back through the pictures, I also need to give a necessary shout-out to the chicken strips. Y'all, I know my chicken tenders. And these are the best. The chicken is marinated before it's fried and the batter is all crispy yet soft and falling off the chicken and oh my gosh I'm starving thinking about it. Also those Shiner Bock beer battered onion rings are to die. I couldn't stop dipping them in the Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce; might as well knock out all the beverage flavors while you're grubbing so hard.

Howard, the manager at Grub in The Woodlands, was attentive, informative, and amazing. He answered any and all question we threw his way, including why Dave Matthews is a big part of their restaurant playlist. We liked it, we weren't mad, we just wondered where the Dave-love came from. And Howard, of course, knew (the owner is a big fan).

Again, thank you to Grub for hosting our crew and giving us such an amazing experience. I know we will all be back very soon!
xo, Britt