5 things you should know before getting acrylic nails

Okay ladies & gents, let’s discuss something I’ve never talked about on this blog: fingernails. Even if you’re not into getting weekly manicures, chances are you try and take care of your nails. Our hands are often the first thing people notice about us, and fingernails can definitely make or break a first impression. I still remember the first time my grandma saw me in black nail polish; you’d have thought I was holding a rattlesnake by her reaction. No Mamaw, I’m not goth, I just like dark matte polish. Sue me. And please don’t bring it up at bridge club to your friends; it’s really not a big deal.

I’ve tried many different approaches when it comes to this subject, and I can honestly say I don’t love any of them. Keeping up with nails, like anything, takes a lot of time and effort. For years, I painted my own nails weekly. Sometimes twice a week if they chipped quickly and I had somewhere important to go. Back in October, I decided to bite the bullet and “get my nails did”. I've confessed my addiction to Keeping up with the Kardashians on this blog before, so it should come as no surprise that I've long been obsessed with Khloe's "stiletto nails". I needed them in my life, so I went to the closest salon and proudly showed the nail tech a picture of Khloe’s hand. “Your finger too short for that” was her initial reaction. But with a little coaxing, I got my first set of stiletto nails.

Okay actually, they were more almond shaped. But I loved them! Not only did I like the way they looked, but it was amazing not having to worry about polish chipping (my acrylics had powder, not polish). About three weeks in, I needed a fill. The initial cost was around $50, and the fill was $45. I found this to be a little steep, especially considering my nail polish budget had been about $4 a month (thanks to those Sinful Colors at Target!). But I decided it was worth the money to skip the hassle, so three weeks later, I got a new set put on.

I’ve had a couple fills since, and I’m still on the fence as to whether or not I’ll keep my claws. Bear calls them “sharps”; Zach calls them witch nails. Nothing like the men of the house to keep you grounded. I love the way they tap tap tap against the keyboard, though I do find it a bit more difficult to type. Other than that, they don’t bother me at all and I get quite a few compliments (take that, Zach & Bear). I realize that acrylics are not good for nails, and I hate the way my nails feel after the acrylic comes off. But beauty is pain, and they always grow back. Enough rambling, let's get to these tips! (pun totally intended)

1. You will have to relearn simple everyday tasks. Remember when you could put on your own necklace and clasp it shut? Or put contact lenses in without tearing them? Or open that much needed can of Diet Coke? Yeah, those days are over. Just kidding! Luckily it will take a little time, usually not more than a couple days, and you'll figure out how to use your new claws to your advantage. The same is true when you get your acrylics removed; what once felt so normal will now be foreign and you'll need to learn to type, text, and button your pants all over again.
2. You will need regular fills. This can be both time-consuming and expensive, but it's definitely necessary if you want to keep your nail game strong. You probably noticed in the pictures above that I tend to slack when it comes to fills. Instead of the recommended every two weeks, I try to stretch it to at least four. This just makes more sense for my budget and schedule, and I don't see it as much of a hassle since I was painting my nails several times a week at home before.
3. Getting a new set hurts. I like to think I have a decent pain tolerance; I mean, I've birthed a child and passed four kidney stones. It's not like I did those things with grace, I was a hot mess, but still...they happened. Fills are not bad, I can handle fills. But chances are, at some point, your nail tech will jab an acrylic nail under your currently glued-on acrylic nail and pry that bad boy off. I didn't know my nails could be sore, but they always are the day after getting a new set.
4. You will suddenly be giving everyone you know a head massage. You can see this as a pro or con, depending on your affinity for scratching at another human. Pets tend to love the claws, also. In a sense you've become one of them.
5. You will probably become addicted. Despite all the negativity listed above, I'm a big fan of acrylic nails. I just love the way they look, and the "tap tap tap" when I type makes me feel like a sexy secretary (livin' the dream). It's easy to make a habit of keeping acrylics, because once you have them the thought of your weak little flimsy real nails just seems, well, boring. Once you take the plunge into the world of fake nails, it's hard to turn back.

It's pouring down rain in Houston and Bear's at Mother's Day Out, which means coffee and The Bachelor for this momma. Oh and a fun luncheon that I should probably start getting ready for. Hope your week is off to a great start!
xo, Britt