blogiversary sponsors

Two weeks ago, on May 19th, Hello Honey turned one. Call it a birthday, anniversary, blogiversary, excuse to celebrate, whatever you will... celebrate we did. I can't wait to share pictures of the event later this week!

For now, I want to introduce you to some amazing shops that contributed to each blogger's take home "swag bag". I started reaching out to shop owners several months ago, seeing if they'd be interested in collaborating. The response was overwhelming and so exciting; I couldn't wait for the girls to get their bags! 

Everyone knows bloggers drink a lot of coffee (how else would we stay up and edit photos until all hours? and then function the next morning? it's a vicious cycle). When I saw these mugs from Hey Shabby Me, I knew the girls had to have them. 

Isn't that the cutest? Obsessed. Hey Shabby Me is also having 15% off their entire Etsy shop right now and I'm thinking Zach has to have this for Father's Day.

I basically thought of everything I'd like to get myself, and then filled the bags with just that. Pineapples, macarons, and make-up galore.

Hello Sunshine pen from Taylor Elliott Designs. This shop has the cutest desk accessories and gifts, and I'm a sucker for all the bright colors and designs.

Macaron Lip Balm from Moon River OrganicsThis yummy smelling lip balm also happens to be all natural, vegan, and organic. The girls received a variety of flavors from French Toast to Banana Foster.

Macaron Trinket Box from Love, Emily D. These are the cutest holders for pills, dainty jewelry, etc. instead of just letting them float freely around your purse.

Make-Up Brush Stickers from Just Plannin' Life. Planner stickers are my newest addiction; if your planner is like mine then it's just a mumbo jumbo of sloppy handwriting. Stickers set certain days apart and this shop has the cutest collections.

Pineapple Necklace from QTCutie. I fell in love with these little pretties at first glance; I'm always looking for fun, unique dainty necklaces and this one is perfect.

Pencils from Macarons & Mimosas. This Etsy shop is seriously addicting, especially for the online junkie like myself (and blogging babe friends). Take a look and you'll see why!

These Hello Honey bracelets were hand-stamped especially for the party by RooBarb Studios. They turned out so beautiful; I'm now realizing that I have to order one for myself (duh)! Read more about this talented mother and daughter duo here

Each blogger also received a pair of dainty gold earrings from Bubu Ruby in a variety of designs- everything from seashells to pineapples. So fun and perfect for summer!

Last but certainly not least, Madeleine at Luxe Blogger went above and beyond; she mailed each girl a thank you note and rose quartz pom pom in the days following the event. I own several of these cute faux fur balls and this is by far the highest quality one I've seen; I was so thrilled when Madeleine sent me one, too!

I could brag on these shops all day long because they were fantastic to work with and have truly amazing products. Zach and I worked hard on our Etsy shop, Logs 'n Lace, for several years and I have a soft spot for other small shops. The owners work their tails off, and hand-make most items that you see, and it's so hard to be noticed and thrive in the mega-land that is Etsy. You can also find all of these shops on Instagram just by typing in their names, so be sure to go follow along and show your support (and find out about sales, of course).

I hope you've all had a special, safe Memorial Day Weekend. We picked up flowers and took Bear to the Houston Veteran's National Cemetery, a tradition we do every Memorial Day (and should do more often). We find graves that don't have flowers and let Bear lay one on their headstone. Of course we never bring enough flowers because there are countless graves, which is all the more heartbreaking to think about how many of these brave soldiers are long forgotten. The last flower Bear laid down today was on the headstone of a twenty-two year old young man who died in Vietnam fighting for our country. Watching Bear lay down that bright red carnation, so full of hope and life, I've never been more proud to be an American. God bless this great nation and all those who have fought to protect it.

xo, Britt