instagram round-up

I've been meaning to do one of these posts forever and I'm just now getting around to it. This is for all of you that don't have Instagram (God bless you) or just in case you missed something on there you'd like to shop! 

clutch | glitter bracelet from local boutique, earring version here | watch | dress | macarons

watch | blazer | foundation | lipstick | brows 


I apologize for the mass amount of pictures; I'll try and do these more frequently so they won't be crazy long. I love liketoknowit but sometimes it's finicky, so I hope this helps some of you that have asked about different outfits! If not, I'm sorry this post is really boring and you've probably already switched over to something more interesting like

Bear slept until 10:30am today and I'm convinced he would've slept longer if I hadn't been making all kinds of racket. The price we pay for that hibernation? Bear is now wide awake at 10:15pm, watching Team Umizoomi and asking for muffins. Can I please be a toddler again? Cause it seems like they've got it made.

Keeping this short because while Bear may not be sleepy, this momma is worn out. I love long summer days, but I love summer nights even more.
Sweet dreams!
xo, Britt