pop shop & brenda grands design

Over the weekend, I had the honor of getting to paint (color technically, but paint sounds more profesh) a mandala with four other Houston-area bloggers. The precious Angie of Brenda Grands Design entrusted us to go crazy and create our own work of art within our allotted section, which was no problem for the other girls but she may be regretting giving me such liberties. Turns out my coloring skills haven't improved much since the second grade. But it was still a blast and the event had so many incredible vendors; I can't wait for the big reveal party and you're all invited!

At the pop shop event, I got these earrings because I'm obsessed with pom poms and they're incredibly lightweight; I forget I'm even wearing them (until someone compliments how cute they are). If one section of the mandala seemed to not really flow with the rest, that would be my part. Picasso I am not.

The big event next Thursday, June 23 is going to be so much fun and I would love to see all you locals there! A professional photographer will be snapping photos, there will be plenty of yummy macarons & champagne, and admission is free. There will also be shopping for my fellow addicts. I'd love to give each of you a big hug!

xo, Britt