for your little valentine

Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays, probably because of my love for the colors red and pink! Ever since Bear was born, the occasion has been even more fun because I can't get enough of the adorable heart-filled outfits for little ones. Plus we now get to make/buy Valentines and my inner-six year old self is in heaven all over again. Bear and I are hosting a Valentine playdate party in a few weeks that's themed "Love you to the moon and back" with all things space-tacular. Bear's obsession with astronauts definitely fueled the idea and we're having so much fun preparing for the party. Whether or not you have something special planned for this V-Day, here are some of the cutest pieces to stock up on for the little ones in your life!


This pink vest is on sale for $9.99- size up a size so your baby girl can wear it next fall and winter, too! This sweater is also on sale and I adore it so much, I want it in my size. Old Navy is one of my favorite places to shop for kids' clothes because of their great selection and unbeatable prices (not sponsored, just keepin' it real).

And for the boys...can't get enough of all the graphic tees for little hunks!


These high tops are on sale and I'm definitely ordering them for Bear- they also come in a neutral color/navy combo. Bear has and loves these joggers (also on sale!) because they're super comfy and I love that they match everything. He won't wear anything but "stretchy pants" and I can't say I blame him. Jeans and tight-waisted pants are over-rated! I vote yoga pants all day err day. If your son doesn't mind button-up britches, this pair of red courds are pretty much the cutest ever and just $6.99!

I feel like my wording has been extra short on posts this week- I haven't had any good stories for you guys! Don't worry, Bear is still saying lots of hilarious one-liners and keeping us laughing constantly. Just the other day, he and I ran errands all morning and I was rocking no makeup/a messy top-knot. I had an event that evening, so around 4pm I went in the bathroom to get ready. Bear walked in right as I was finishing my hair & makeup and goes, "Ooh! You look really pretty and good". The way he said it was so kind and innocent- he really believed it! And his reaction was just as funny as it was sweet, because I could see the surprise on his face at the stark contrast from the homeless person he was used to all day prior to me fixing my face. One thing's for sure- kids tell the truth, good, bad, or ugly. Being a parent is definitely a humbling experience! But I love every minute of it.
xo, Britt