super bowl crafting with persil

Football is a way of life in Texas and our house is no different- my boys live and breathe the stuff. We are beyond excited that the Super Bowl happens to be in Houston this year and plan on throwing a small party for our friends to come over & watch the game! Most of our friends have kids around Bear's age and we want them to have a great time, too. I remember being so bored during the Super Bowl as a child and wishing there was something more fun to be doing than watching four hours of football! Bear and I got busy last week, whipping up some crafts so he and his friends can have an epic Super Bowl party, too.

Our first stop for gameday ideas and printables was the Persil ProClean microsite. We found tons of activities for keeping kids busy during the big game, a great coupon, and even some recipes that we can't wait to chow down on at the party. If you remember this post, you know that we've long been fans of Persil ProClean. I didn't think I could love the detergent any more but with the new & improved formula, our clothes have never looked or smelled better. We aren't afraid to get a little (or a lot!) messy, because we trust that our detergent will do the job. Persil now comes in 10 Dimensions of Clean and in a variety of Power Liquid scents and Power Caps, so you can let your little ones go wild without having to worry about messes. Total #momwin.

Bear and I started with a banner that was really simple to make, just using pre-cut cardboard bunting, yarn, white paint, washi tape stripes, and stencil letters. The adults will have an area in the sitting room designated for food at the party, so we wanted to create a space just for the kids to have fun and stay busy during the game. It's a well-known secret that at family parties, the adults can only relax and enjoy themselves if they kids are having fun. So we want to ensure that happens! Bear & I printed out the Game Day Bingo Boards that I think will especially be a hit; we plan on using M&Ms for bingo chips, which may result in more eating than playing. :)

After this big crafting session, I threw Bear's paint-covered shirt in the washing machine without even attempting to hand wash the paint out. The shirt came out spotless- you'd never know he had been basically swimming in white paint only hours before. I love having a detergent that is gentle on skin yet hard on stains- both of my boys have sensitivity issues and we struggled with other detergents in the past. I recommend Persil to all of my playgroup friends because it works some serious magic & gets even the toughest of stains out. Persil can be found at most major retailers like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and CVS, as well as many regional grocery stores. If you haven't tried it, grab the coupon here & make a Target run! Any excuse for a Target run.

Bear is so excited for the party and ready for some football! I'm ready for dips, desserts, and halftime entertainment. No matter what your Super Bowl priorities are, Persil ProClean has you covered!

xo, Britt

*This post is sponsored by Persil ProClean, however all opinions are my own.