valentine's day dresses under $50

I know I'm a bit early to jump on the Valentine's Day train but y'all know by now that I love holidays (aka any reason to dress up!). Since having Bear, Zach and I don't exactly have the super romantic Valentine's Day celebrations anymore- it's more like a heart-shaped pizza with extra pepperonis and a movie on the couch in our pajamas. Secretly, I think I love the low-key Valentine's Day stuff even more! The last few years, I've started a tradition of "Galentines" with some of my girlfriends which gives me the chance to still get dressed up and enjoy the best of both worlds. The girls and I will either do a fun brunch or happy hour complete with lots of chocolate & decked out in our favorite shades of pink. Either way you're celebrating (or both!), here are some dresses for you to choose from that are all under $50! Several of them are going really fast and already sold out in some sizes, so grab your fav while you can.


While we're talking dresses...
Did any of you watch the Golden Globes on Sunday night? I missed it but just now caught up on all of the red carpet looks. I'm not that into the awards, which is sad for an ex-Sundance employee (hangs head in shame). I am, however, very much interested in all of the gorgeous gowns! I'd have to say my favorite looks were worn by Emma Stone, Blake Lively, and Mandy Moore. My least favorites were Nicole Kidman, Sophie Turner, and Anna Kendrick. It never ceases to amaze me how these fabulous designers can get it so very wrong sometimes on the red carpet. I mean, I'm all for taking a fashion risk but there's a fine line between risk and train wreck. I felt sorry for some of these beautiful women that were wearing such hideous dresses, likely chosen for them by a very expensive stylist. Honey, just go with your gut and leave the chiffon ruffled sleeves at home. Oh and how hilarious was Kristen Bell's Instagram post admittedly wearing butt pads? Love how refreshingly honest she is! May also need to invest in some of those.

Keeping this short and sweet because it's 6:40pm, Zach is still at work (and has been since 7:30am), Bear is starting to zombie in front of Peter Rabbit on TV, and I haven't even decided what to fix for supper yet. Momma better get it in gear! 
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xo, Britt