a family trip to Shannon Fine Jewelry

Last weekend, we took a family trip to Shannon Fine Jewelry to scout out all their new beautiful pieces- Mama is already dreaming of a "push present"! I've been in Shannon's lots of times and have always been amazed at all the families I see shopping in the store at both locations- I never thought of upscale jewelry places being so family friendly. But then again it only makes sense that Shannon Fine Jewelry would be, as the owner Gary Zoet even named the business after his daughter, you guessed it, Shannon (read the story here). 

Every time I walk in Shannon's, I'm greeted by a welcoming face and made to feel right at home. I wasn't sure how much boys would do in the store but between the bottomless homemade cookies for the taking, football playing on the big screen TV over the bar (yes, I said bar), and friendly staff, it's safe to say they felt right at home. Which is exactly what any woman wants when she's trying to sweet talk her man into buying jewelry. ;)

What a lot of people don't realize is that while Shannon's is a one-stop shop for all your fine jewelry needs, they also have an incredible repair staff for any and all of those broken jewelry pieces you've been holding on to. I got to pop in behind the scenes and watch the masters in action- safe to say I was amazed at how intricate all the tiny pieces inside of a watch are and how these guys knew exactly what they were doing, piecing it back together. I loved getting to see up close how the process works and these guys are the best in the state- and I can barely even figure out how to change the battery in a little wall clock.  

While we were browsing, a couple was shopping for engagement rings and I was trying not to be too nosy with the bride-to-be's picks. I absolutely love everything made by Simon G., but they also had a Tiffany ring on display that day that I was drooling over. That little blue box gets me every time (not to mention the sparkling diamonds..).

I've been wanting to invest in a classic and timeless watch for awhile now and keep going back and forth between Michele and Omega. Shannon's carries both which doesn't make the decision any easier! I tried on an Omega watch that I really love- it fit well and wasn't too big or overwhelming on my abnormally small wrists. I also love the mix of gold and silver metals because it matches everything, which I feel is important when I'm spending more than I normally would on a watch. This is one I'd wear for years to come and hopefully pass down to a daughter or granddaughter one day.

And back to Simon G....how gorgeous are these statement rings? I wanted every color! 

A little known fact about Zach and me is that we both LOVE consignment shopping. Give us all the thrift stores, estate sales, and second hand anything, please. Well, almost anything (I draw the line at used underwear). We both enjoy the rush of a good hunt and finding hidden "treasure". Shannon's 1960 location has a huge spread, case upon case of beautiful consignment pieces just waiting for a new home! This is probably my favorite place to look every time I go in because there are always new finds at a great price. Some grooms even save a ton of money on their bride's engagement ring by putting a diamond from a consignment piece into a new ring setting. Genius, if you ask me. I wouldn't have minded at all if Zach had done that because I love knowing that a piece of jewelry I'm wearing has a history, a story. And diamonds truly are forever.

We had such a great time in the store that day and I'm already excited to go back again soon. Note to self, ladies: if you wanna make your men happy while jewelry shopping, take them to Shannon Fine Jewelry where they can watch the football game and chow down on cookies. You'll all leave happy!
xo, Britt

p.s. There are two Shannon locations in Houston- I love both but we were at the 1960 location on Saturday!

*Thank you to Shannon Fine Jewelry for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own.