vegas recap part 2

On Monday, I shared the first part of our Vegas recap with y’all here, and I’m back with more! I have a few other outfits I’ll be sharing from the trip after this but I wanted to tell more about the #WGStyleSociety hosted by Wilson Gabrielle. I got to meet several girls I’ve been “Instagram friends” with for years like Ashley Brooke, Peyton Baxter, and Katy Herrell which was such a treat. It’s always a good feeling putting an actual face with an Instagram handle, especially when you find your “internet friend” is even more kind and sweet in person.

Sharing pictures from our yoga morning and more details below!

pictures by Bethany Paige Photo

After the most amazing dinner on Friday night, Zach and I spent the morning at the pool with Bear and Boone. Red Rock has the biggest, most incredible pool area- I’ll share some pictures of it in the next post! After a fun morning with the boys, I headed to yoga with the girls. Hip hop yoga, to be exact. I’m not a yogi of sorts; in fact, my attempt at hip hop yoga was laughable. But I was next to my girl Dede and we giggled the entire time, but also got to relax and recharge. Afterwards we had the yummiest spread of juices, mini blueberry pancakes, yogurt parfaits, and lots more. It was such a good morning and just what this mama needed. From there, we changed quickly and headed back to the pool for an afternoon pool party. There was another delicious spread (I told y’all before, we ate well on this trip!) and I enjoyed getting to visit with the other girls. It had been cloudy all morning but the sun ended up coming out the last few hours and the weather felt glorious. Zach took the boys to a movie during this time (Boone’s first theatre experience) before they joined us back at the pool. I’m told it was a success…but not surprised because Zach is so good with the boys. Thankful for all his help over the course of the weekend which allowed me to really enjoy the WG Style Society.

I’ll be back tomorrow with photos from the pool party and one last recap from our trip. It’s been so fun for me reliving the weekend and I already want to go back!
xo, Britt