movie nights with balsam hill+hallmark channel

I can’t hold off any more on sharing this post with you guys- the holidays are upon us!!! And I’m sorry in advance to any Thanksgiving sticklers who prefer to hold off on decorations until after Thanksigiving- I totally get and respect that (my grandma is the same way and lets me hear about it). I, however, can’t help but pull out the holiday decor as early as possible, which happened to come in the form of November 1st this year. #noshame

The reason I couldn’t wait any longer is because we got the most beautiful new tree & ornaments from Balsam Hill that I was dying to see in our living room! I’ve had a lot of questions about our tree since posting it on Instagram- it’s the 9 foot Frosted Frasier Fir and we are very happy with it. I get that Balsam Hill trees are more expensive than the trees you see at most other retailers, but having one myself now, I understand the difference in quality. The foliage really is lifelike- it feels like we went out and cut down a real tree but without all the mess (“little full, lotta sap”). And the lights are probably my favorite part of all. Our tree is COVERED in lights and it’s so beautiful by night- I love seeing the tree reflecting in our living room windows. Really sets the mood for the holiday season and gives all the cozy vibes!

Bear with these photos as our home decorating is still a big work in progress. We did finally get a TV stand, but still need a coffee table, living room chairs, something over the mantel, and lots in between. But we are enjoying taking our time with the decorating process and the Christmas decor fills the gaps quite nicely so far. :)

Nordic Frost Ornament Set | Alpine Ski Set | Frosted Picks | Hallmark shirt

Now that you’ve seen our Balsam Hill decor, I hope you love it as much as we do. And onto another very important topic…Hallmark Christmas movies. You guys know that I’m obsessed with Hallmark Christmas movies and have been talking about them for weeks. What’s even more exciting is that our Balsam Hill ornaments/decor are featured in several of the Hallmark movies this season:

11/3: Christmas Joy- Did you catch this one? It was SO good!
11/24: Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
11/25: A Shoe Addicts Christmas

I’m so excited for both Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane and A Shoe Addicts Christmas; will be recording them ASAP so I don’t miss them! Do you love Hallmark Christmas movies, too? If so, what’s your favorite? I love anything royal-related & listed out the best (in my opinion) Hallmark Christmas movies in THIS post. Please leave your favorites in the comments so I can record those, too.
Happy weekend, friends! We are headed to College Station tomorrow to watch the Aggies take on Ole Miss and the boys are pretty excited. I can’t wait to catch up with my bestie from college, Elissa, and get a peek at Santa’s Wonderland!
xo, Britt