top posts of 2018

Hi friends! Hope you’re all having the best holiday season and soaking up every minute with those you love. We have been, which is why I’ve been a bit MIA on the blog and social media. It’s been so nice to just relax and enjoy family, especially since it was Boone’s first Christmas and Bear was more excited this year than ever. We are headed home to Houston tomorrow and I’m already getting sad about leaving all of our family in Nolan County- it’s been such a special visit. Big thank you to Duke & Papaw Steve for babysitting in the mornings and letting me catch up on sleep. Between a sinus infection and a little Boonester who still wakes up 3-4 times a night, it was much needed/appreciated!

While I’m excited for the New Year, I also always try and take some time to reflect over the year that’s coming to a close. 2018 has been a big one for us (want to write a full post on this later!) and it’s bittersweet looking back through our Instagram feed at the memories. I wanted to share the top 10 most engaged posts with y’all here! The majority of them are from December, which must mean y’all love Christmas as much as we do. :) Sharing the photos & links below!


similar jeans (mine are a ROSS find) | shoes | shirt


Boone’s outfit | similar slippers (his are a Burlington find) || my pajamas (our hats are from TJMaxx)


Thank you so much for following along this year; all of your love and support means more than I could ever say. You guys reading this blog are the reason I get to do what I love and stay home with my boys, which is something I never want to take for granted. Sending you all a big hug and I hope your 2018 has been full of blessings.
xo, Britt