the best swimsuit dupes

You guys! I am so behind, I'm sorry! I promised a post with all of the swimsuit dupes I've found a few weeks ago and am finally getting around to it. There are some killer steals out there and I want to share them with you all! By "dupes", I basically mean swimsuits that are similar if not almost exact to a designer swimsuit. Breastfeeding at 3am allows me a lot of time on my phone aka dupe hunting on Amazon :). Below I'll talk about which suits I have, what I like/don't like about each one, which brands I will and won't order from off Amazon, how to find dupes yourself, etc. You can shop any of the pieces by clicking on their number below the photo!


Let's start with the suits I have and a quick review of each:
#2- I saw this suit on several bloggers and HAD to have it, but couldn't bring myself to pay $220+ for a swimsuit ($280 on some sites). It's not the best "mom suit"- you can't really frolic around in it without your girls falling out but it's the perfect "lay by the pool and sip a strawberry daiquiri" suit. The quality is very good- it doesn't have padding but it is fully lined. The back has much better coverage than I thought and isn't really cheeky at all.

#6- I want to give you an honest review of this suit and tell you that while I love it, it isn't the BEST quality. It's definitely not as good of quality as the designer version but for $9, you can't lose. It runs a little bit small- I have a size small and it's a little snug getting over the hips, so if you're in between sizes I'd say go up one size. Am I glad I ordered it? Definitely. Should you expect top notch quality if you order it? Nope, but it does the job. 

#8- It looks like there are only two sizes left in this suit but if one of them is your size, grab it! If not, add this one to your cart and wait for a restock because it's one of my favorite suits I've ever owned. I sized up a size (ordered a 4) and it fits well. It's padded, lined, and a great quality for the price. I'm very pleased overall with this suit. I could've shared a $5 dupe I found (and ordered in yellow), but the quality was not good and not worth the $5 you could spend on a Mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks.  

#13- I bought this suit on sale (it's also currently 40% off) and have really enjoyed it so far. Gingham print is all the rage, as y'all know, and I don't think the trend is going anywhere anytime soon. The quality of this swimmie is great as you'd expect from J.Crew, but if I had seen the Forever21 version first I probably would've just went with that. It has great reviews as well and is a fraction of the price when the J.Crew swimsuit isn't on sale. 

#16- Another suit that I own and love! This one is well made, runs true to size, and is super flattering on all body types. It's also not really trendy and will stay in style, if you want to order an extra. I do this with inexpensive swimsuits because if you wear any swimsuit enough, designer or not, it will eventually fade or get fuzzy on the bum (you know what I'm talking about), etc. For this price, it's worth it to have a spare for a few summers down the road!

#18- This swimsuit is my favorite of all of them. If you're only going to order one of these, make this the one. The quality is AMAZING, and it's under $10! It's padded, lined, runs true to size (I'm wearing a small), and the tassel detail is even cuter in person. I honestly like the dupe better than the designer version. Only downside is that it took about 3 weeks to come in, so I'd suggest ordering it now if you want it here for summer. 

A question I've been getting a lot lately is "How do you find this stuff?". Other than the fact that, as I stated above, I have a lot of screen-time on my hands while I'm nursing, I get a rush off of finding a good deal. It's fun to me, like a treasure hunt! If you're wanting to look for a designer piece, here are a couple of the ways I search:
1. Go to Amazon first, then Google. Amazon will be your best friend in finding dupes! If Amazon fails you, go to Google and type in whatever it is you're searching for. I always look at the "shopping" tab first and if I can't find something, I'll look under "images". It takes some hunting but once you see something similar, click on it and cross your fingers the price is right.
2. Use keywords, not brand names. Let's say you saw that #1 swimsuit pictured above and wanted to find a dupe. Go to Amazon and rather than typing in "Montce swimsuit", type in "pink polka dot pom pom one piece". The more descriptive, the better. It may take scrolling through 4 or 5 pages of results, but keep looking until you're through them all. Often a dupe will be hidden 3 pages over. To find the #18 swimsuit, I searched "tassel swimsuit" on Amazon. Not very descriptive, but it worked. If I'm looking for a Gucci belt dupe, I don't search, "Gucci belt dupe". I search "GG belt" and it comes up every time.
3. If you're a blogger, utilize the rewardStyle product search tab. Similar to above, type in things like "black cut out swimsuit" and you will be surprised at how many dupes pop up, as well as more expensive versions. 

You have to use some common sense on this, as much as possible. For example, I ALWAYS read reviews on Amazon (or any website when I'm making an online purchase). If there's not a review yet, sometimes I'll take a chance and order anyway, especially if the price is really low. If the review is less than 3 stars I pretty much never order, unless I look at pictures reviewers have posted and I think it looks good. 
Some brands I will order from are: COCOSHIP (have never had a bad experience), Dellytop (good quality but if it's not prime, shipping can take 3-4 weeks), Cupshe (great quality swimsuits and not dirt cheap but afforable+worth the price), Funic (good quality and have never had to return anything), RoxZoom, Omladi (great "mom suits" and great quality), Tempt Me (have ordered 2 swimsuits from this brand and love them both)
Brands I will not order from again are: Rambling (poor quality), KMG Kimloog (poor quality), Sibylla (bad quality and not good with returns)

I hope I've answered some of your questions and if you have any others, please feel free to leave them in the comments! I have another dupe post coming soon (I won't promise a date since I'm obviously slacking on blogging lately) but I will try to get it up in the next week. I'll be sharing some of the best dupes (not just swimwear) from designers like Gucci, Hermes, Cartier, Birkin, etc. Hopefully you guys love a good deal as much as I do!

Hope your week is off to a great start! We've had such a fun past few days- my parents came to visit over the weekend and now Zach's Mom is here for the day, both to watch Bear's t-ball games and see baby Boone. We are loving it and wish they could all stay forever!
xo, Britt