fun day with friends at ROSC

There are few things I love more than getting out with my boys and spending the day with friends! You may remember my girls day in ROSC a few posts back, but I love taking my boys there just as much! Whether we are having a patio lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, buying new books at Barnes & Noble, or beating the heat with Marble Slab Creamery "birthday cake" ice cream, there's always fun to be had in River Oaks Shopping Center and it's the perfect place to hang with friends this summer. 

my entire outfit from Francesca's in ROSC (Alice's too!)

photos by Ban Avenue Photography

Bear saw this fun mural wall in River Oaks Shopping Center and noticed it matched he & Boone's outfits- naturally we had to get some photos :). We had so much fun with Alice and Annie, hanging out and enjoying a fun afternoon at some of our favorite stops. Bear always wants to get a new toy in Barnes & Noble (and I encourage a few books, too), and we love to have lunch at Epicure Cafe. Most recently, Bear is starting to get into helping me in the kitchen (I need all the help I can get) and he loves to pick out some new fun gadgets and utensils at Sur La Table. They have the best selection of everything you could ever want for the kitchen and this location is our favorite- it's never too crowded and the store is so well organized. We then walk over to Kroger and get ingredients to whip up a tasty treat at home- in the summertime we love making homemade popsicles! We found a fun mold at Sur La Table in River Oaks Shopping Center and Bear has mastered strawberry popsicles with it. Kroger always has a great selection of fresh produce and the best selection of flowers I've found in any grocery store in Houston. I love picking up fresh blooms for our home!

We're already planning our next day at ROSC with friends- thinking we need to try out The Mad Potter. I've heard amazing things and know Bear would love creating a new masterpiece. Also a great way to beat this Houston heat! 
What are some of your favorite summertime activities with friends? I'd love to hear!
xo, Britt