the importance of family traditions

Y'all may remember our "cactus post" from a couple weeks ago and we're back with more Mud Pie wear to show you! Since finding out we were expecting Boone, the struggle has been real for me to find matching clothes for the boys since they're 5 years apart. Sometimes perfectly matchy-matchy is a little much (according to Zach, not me), so I love that I can coordinate Bear+Boone (+myself) thanks to Mud Pie! Bear thinks it's pretty cool when he gets to match his baby brother, too. My dress is nursing friendly & so comfy- perfect for the 4th of July! I've long been a fan of Mud Pie but even more so now that we can coordinate for all the special moments in life, even if that's just a trip to the lake to watch Bear do some fishing.

my dress | Bear's shirt | Boone's jumper

photos by Hayley Nicole Photography

Growing up, my parents were big on traditions and instilled a love for them into my brothers and me. We did a lot of the same traditions every year and it was so much fun looking forward to things like family vacations to Wyoming every summer, New Years Eve lunch at the Country Club, and Spring Breaks playing golf and swimming at the Marriott pool in El Paso. We cherished these times and I hold them dear now, even as an adult, because they are some of my fondest memories. 

While I want to keep things fresh and exciting for Bear and Boone as they grow up, I also want to show them the importance of family traditions. We may not be able to travel to Jackson Hole every summer (my parents were both teachers with the summer off!) but we can still make memories that they will enjoy and look forward to each season. Every spring, we make a trip to the strawberry farm near our house (Atkinson Farms). Each summer, we do a fishing day at Lake Conroe. In the fall, we always hit up at least 1 pumpkin patch (or 47, if you've seen our Instagram). And at Christmas, we adopt a child off the Salvation Army Angel Tree to show Bear (and now Boone) the true meaning of the season. 

My goal is to keep these traditions alive and show the boys how special it is to spend time together as a family. I want to give them these joyful moments that they'll look back on fondly as an adult, just as I do my childhood. I'll never be a perfect mom, but I'm doing the best I can to raise Bear and Boone with love and lots of adventures. :) 
What are some of your favorite family traditions? Any new ones for us? I'd love to hear your ideas!
xo, Britt