bear the fish

Title is a little confusing, isn't it? But the truth is, our Bear is such a fish these days and we are loving watching him become more and more comfortable in the water. He is taking lessons at FINS and has excelled so much just this summer- we are amazed with his progress and his sudden love for swimming. Last summer, he wouldn't even put his face in the water. Now he is swimming under the water, going down for dive sticks, jumping off the side of the pool by himself and swimming back to the edge, and so much more. I can't believe how far he's come and am so proud of our little guy!

If you live in Houston and are looking for swimming lessons for your little one, we highly recommend FINS. The lessons are 30 minutes long and you can choose day of the week/time that best fits your schedule; Bear was going on a weekday at 11am but is now going in the evenings to fit our schedule once school starts. He had Coach Cody for the first few weeks until he moved up a level and is loving Coach Christina, as well. FINS is family owned and operated, which we love, and the owners are very involved in the business. I met with one of them not long ago and he stressed to me that even if FINS didn't work out, that he hoped we'd keep doing lessons no matter where it might be. That really the founders just want to ensure water safety for kids, even if it's at a facility other than FINS. I could tell his intentions were genuine and not about making a buck, which made me feel even better about Bear being enrolled at FINS. But most of all, we just love it because he is learning so much and enjoying every minute. He asks almost daily to go to swim lessons, so I'm thinking I need to get him in a second day of the week. :)

If you have any questions at all about our lessons at FINS, Bear's progress, etc., I'm happy to answer them in the comments or via email ( We've been calling Bear "Bear Phelps" and while he has no clue what that even means, he's loving it. We are headed to a waterpark for the next couple of days, Splashway, and I am so relieved in knowing that Bear has learned to swim and we can really enjoy our time in the water. One of our many summer goals has been achieved (only about 87 left)!
xo, Britt