why bloggers are "basic"

I cannot tell you how many times lately I've gotten on Instagram to see one of my blogger friends (or myself even) post a photo in a sweater and receive comments like "How are you not sweating your butt off in that?" or "It's too soon for fall decor!". While I have to laugh, I do start to wonder why being called "basic" is such a bad thing to begin with. If loving Pumpkin Spice Lattes and wearing black leggings 6 days out of the week makes me basic, then I think I'm good with that. I know it seems like as bloggers we jump the gun on seasons, posting pictures of ourselves in cable knit when it's still 104 degrees outside and sweating in our OTK boots in July. But there's a reason, a purpose to this...and I'll explain below. Right after you get a glimpse of me having a sweat sesh in my favorite pink (& green in the back!) sweater. And yes, Hunter boots. Super basic. 

sweater | sunnies | jeans | bag | boots
photos by Ban Avenue Photography

The thing is, I'm not frustrated at all with comments like I mentioned above. I get it. I do think it's humorous and slightly crazy that we post pictures in mid-July promoting the Nordstrom sale and all things fall when it's still a million degrees outside. It seems silly to anyone who doesn't truly understand why on Earth we're doing it. So that's why I'll explain, in case you've ever wondered why influencers seem to be too early to the game each season.

There are several reasons, actually, but the first is that part of our job is staying ahead of the trends and giving our followers & readers something to look forward to. Think about when you're most likely to order a swimsuit, for example. Is it in late May, just as school is letting out and the weather is getting hot? Or early August, when school is about to start back up and pool days are ending? Chances are it's the former, as we all tend to shop for clothing, decor, etc. at the very beginning of each season in anticipation of what's to come. And that's our job as bloggers- to provide inspiration and ideas for what the consumer is wanting at the moment, not 3 months prior. So while yes, it's still very hot outside in mid-September, it's our job to promote all things fall. Most influencers stay at least a month ahead as far as trends/seasonal posts, and it's not always easy or enjoyable! But it's for the best interest of our readers whom we try very hard to help and form a bond with. I am so thankful for each of you reading this and genuinely want Hello Honey to be a little corner of the internet that you enjoy and find some takeaway from. I am definitely inspired by all of you and your kindness & support- it means the world to me!

When I say it's our "job" to be a bit ahead on seasonal items, it is actually just that: our job. Bloggers are paid by brands to promote items, which is how we keep our blogs (and wardrobes!) up and running. Companies send us items, often of their own choosing, wanting us to promote them in a timely manner. We have to abide by this in order to get paid and keep relationships with said companies, so it's not usually a blogger's choice as far as timeline and product promotion goes- we have contracts stating our deadlines like any other job. Brands are even more ahead of speed than bloggers- have you been to Hobby Lobby lately? That place had Christmas stockings hanging in June. And I understand the judgement of "basic bloggers" because I sure as heck judge Hobby Lobby on the Christmas in June stuff (not that I'm complaining because Christmas is my jam). That's just how it works as far as this industry goes and while I don't always like it, I do enjoy looking forward to each new season and thinking about all the fun that's to come. Putting pumpkins on the porch in late August may seem premature, but it gets our whole family excited for fall festivities which we love. And that's never a bad thing- happiness in life has so much to do with what we look forward to and moments we're excited for.

So the next time you're scrolling through your Instagram feed and see a blogger wearing something that seems out of season, just know that there's a reason she's doing it. And realize that while she may be sweating profusely sipping on a hot Starbucks drink when a pina colada would be more appropriate, she's just doing her job and that's part of it. 
A little #basic never hurt anybody...but then again I'll take any excuse to live in leggings.
xo, Britt