my favorite low cal coffee orders

Calling all fellow coffee lovers…this one is for you :).
This is a post I’ve meant to get up for awhile and with the weather warming up, I especially wanted to share some of my very favorite iced coffee orders with y’all! The majority of them are pictured below, and if you follow us on Instagram you’ve probably already seen them. My love for Starbucks runs deep, but that habit also gets expensive after awhile so I have found some alternatives (for almost half the price) that I love just as much.
From both McDonalds and Sonic, I order: Medium iced coffee with light french vanilla
It’s just the right amount of sweet, 100-120 calories, and just really tasty. You can also say “easy french vanilla” if you’re told they don’t have a “light” version, as it’s the same thing.
Some more of my favorite coffee orders are below, many of them inspired by the Macro Barista on Instagram. I hope you’ll try a few of them and enjoy them, guilt-free, just as much as I do!

One of my recent favorites not pictured above is the Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew from Starbucks. It’s delicious and just 120 calories for a Grande. It’s actually on the menu I believe, so it’s an easy one to order.

And now for some exciting news…a few months back, I worked with McDonalds on a really fun project that I’m finally able to share. I love their coffee (and fries….and double cheeseburgers…and pretty much everything else) so it was a natural fit. The video explains what we did and be warned, you may be craving a McDonalds iced coffee after watching!

Are you a coffee drinker, too? Do you prefer iced or hot? What’s your go-to order when you’re on the go? Please dish in the comments- I’m always looking for new orders to try!
xo, Britt