happy valentine's day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!! Whether you’re celebrating with your significant other, kids, girlfriends, or just your couch with Netflix and chocolates, I hope this day is a special one.

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It’s no secret that I love holidays. I live for them really…the planning, the surprises, the CANDY, the festivities. The anticipation of the holiday itself is actually my favorite part and once it’s over, I’m already gearing up to plan the next. Is it too soon to be thinking about Easter? Because I’m already planning the boys’ Easter baskets and church outfits in my head.

Back to the holiday at hand…
I know Valentine’s Day gets a lot of flack for being a commercial holiday, but it doesn’t make me celebrate it any less. Z and I always go for a lunch date, followed by gifts when Bear gets home from school. Both boys are getting little toys they’re into, a book, and a shirt (around $20 total for each boy). Tonight, we’ll make homemade heart shaped pizzas, Bear’s favorite, and watch A Charlie Brown Valentine together in our jammies. I look forward to this day every year and I’m so happy it’s here!

Saturday is when I’m celebrating Galentine’s with some of my favorite ladies and I’m excited for that, too. Only downside is that I currently have pink eye in both eyes, which puts a damper on any plans. Bear had it first, who gave it to Boone, who gave it to me. The boys are better, thankfully, so that’s my main concern. They are happy, healthy, and ready for all the Valentine’s fun!
Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours <3
xo, Britt