our favorite summertime snacks

This post was sponsored by Kroger. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of Kroger.

Summer is almost here and our family couldn’t be more excited. Sleeping in, pool days, road trips, and lazy days at home are all on the agenda for the next 3 months. Bear got a bike a few weeks ago and has loved riding it around the neighborhood with his friends, but it never fails that after a few laps they’re running in our house for a snack. I like to be prepared for such occasions (that occur daily), so I like to have Cracker Barrel Cheese on hand. It’s a crowd favorite, for sure, as there are so many tasty options to choose from! Sharing more below.


Whether we’re just grabbing a quick snack from the fridge or setting out an easy but classic charcuterie board, Cracker Barrel cheese has become our go-to. I find all of our favorites at Kroger:
Cheese Sticks (10 count)- Bear’s favorite. I put one of these in his lunch box every day.
Cheese Dip & Pretzels- My personal fav and a great on-the-go snack. I’ll throw this in my bag and snack on it while running errands, and Boone loves it, too.
Pairing Boards- You will never find my refrigerator without a few of these! It never fails that we have friends stop by on a whim and I like to be prepared. They’re always impressed with the spread when I set a Cracker Barrel Pairing Board on a charcuterie board. It’s so much easier, and more affordable, than buying each component separately. There are several flavors you can choose from and we love the one with jalapeño cheddar cheese best.
Rich and Bold Cubes- The VERY best cheese cubes you’ll ever eat. Perfect for portable snacking OR elegant entertaining, they come in several flavors and sizes.

We’ve long been fans of Cracker Barrel cheese which is why I couldn’t wait to try these new products when I spotted them at Kroger. I couldn’t believe the price and our whole family was immediately sold on the taste. Cracker Barrel cheese makes snack-time feel just a little more special without breaking the bank, which is ideal for a busy mama of two little boys. And much healthier than the popsicles they’ve been known to request, as well.
What’s your go-to snack in the summertime? Do you crave cold snacks like cheese when it’s hot out? I’d love to hear in the comments! And keep an eye out for Cracker Barrel cheese in your local grocery store!
xo, Britt