pretzels and bulldogs, oh my!

Did that title get your attention? :) Boone and I made a #TargetRun last week (what else is new) to grab the new Pampers Pure bulldog and pretzel prints designed by Chriissy Teigen. The diapers are now available at Target and are so fun- we couldn’t wait to get Boone in them!

There are few things in life that make me smile more than a cute baby in nothing but a diaper. But I smile even more seeing Boone in Pampers Pure Collection because I know that the products offer the very best skin care for my baby. Pampers Pure Collection are clinically proven hypoallergenic and gentle for Boone’s delicate skin. They’re also made without chlorine bleaching, fragrance, paragons, or natural rubber latex. As if the cute prints hadn’t convinced you to get Pampers Pure, the quality of the products definitely will.

I also love that Pampers Pure diapers are so affordable compared to other natural/organic diapers. Target always has great deals in the Cartwheel app and sales going on, so Boone and I always make a trip down the baby aisle just to see what deal we can find. I love that all of our baby needs are met on one aisle at Target- so convenient and perfect for busy mamas!

Now that summer is basically here (or we’re saying so since the neighborhood pool is open), Boonester will be living in nothing but a diaper in this Houston heat. We know we can count on Pampers Pure for the cutest new designs and unmatched quality that is best for Boone. Happy baby, happy mama.
xo, Britt

Thank you to Pampers Pure Collection for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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