our favorite nerf products

This post was sponsored by Kroger. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of Kroger.

There are few things in life Bear enjoys more than playing with Nerf toys in our backyard. Whether it’s a “Nerf war” with Mommy and Boone or a neighborhood game with his buddies, Bear is all about #NerfNation. We’re even more excited now because the brand has started a month-long program called Nerf Fest where you can head to your local store and find coupons for $3 and $5 for your favorite Nerf products. You can also buy them online from Kroger here. We’ve tried LOTS of them out (thanks to the Kroger coupons) and are sharing our favorite Nerf products below!


Whether you’re treating your kiddo or stocking up on birthday presents, now is a great time to do so!

Our favorite Nerf toys:

For the boys:

Nerf Jolt: This is Boone’s favorite, probably because of the super-stealth blasting for being just his size (it’s micro). The Jolt features Elite dart-firing performance that you can take almost anywhere since it fits in any bag/pocket. It’s available in two different colors.
Best features:
-Compact size
-Single-shot blaster
-Comes with 2 Elite darts

Nerf Zombiestrike Nailbiter: This is Bear’s favorite, mostly because he thinks he’s getting bad guys aka zombies. For fast firing with no priming, load the darts into the vertical indexing clip and pull the trigger to fire. The blaster’s 8-dart clip automatically indexes to the next dart and stays attached to the blaster.
Best features:
-Fast firing with no priming
-8-dart indexing clip
-Includes 8 Zombie Strike darts
-Part of the Zombie Survival System

Nerfoop Jump Shot: The best way to shoot some hoops, the boys both love this ball and basket set. All our neighborhood kids do actually; it’s perfect for keeping on a wall of the playroom.
Best features:
-Hangs on doors
-Comes with a foam ball
-Great for indoor play

For Dasher:

Nerf Dog 16 in. Trackshot Launching Duck: Super-strong plush that can stand up to Dasher’s crazy-strong teeth thanks to the sturdy woven nylon exterior with tear-resistant rubber coating. Dasher could play with this duck for hours and the boys love it, too.


In a house full of boys (and me!), there’s never a dull moment and I love that Nerf products keep my boys busy, outside, and having fun together. Be sure and head to Kroger for the coupon and to see what all Nerf Fest has to offer!